A bungalow in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad is where the journey started, with a team of three. Seven years since, our India tech centers are now spread across two locations — second being Bengaluru — and include over 750 bright engineering minds, invested to make the next ride and the next delivery better than the last. 

The India tech centers are an innovation hub for us, and as they complete seven years of operations, their mandate stands more firm, now driving mission-critical work on the multimodal vision that we have. The centers are now leading development for two of our arterial products — Uber Bus and micromobility — from the ground up. Our multimodal transport model envisages travel within cities at the tap of a button, without having to worry about booking the next leg of the journey at the next stop. 

The Hyderabad tech center has completed seven years of operations, and Bengaluru center has completed five.  Both have been instrumental in helping tackle mobility and delivery challenges in cities across the globe by investing in enhanced engineering capabilities through emerging technologies and skilled talent.

The twin engineering centers in Bangalore and Hyderabad have been the backbone of developing, innovating, and scaling technologies and innovations for India as well as addressing unique challenges for various global markets.

We’re incredibly proud of what we have achieved over the last seven years, and are committed to providing customers around the world a seamless tech experience. We will continue to drive technologic transformations while also ensuring we scale our work efficiently.

The India tech centers started their journey in 2014, and are now a crucial part of Uber’s tech story, with a 750-plus-member team, and plans to grow further. The company had recently announced plans to hire 250 more engineers in the India tech centers through 2021. The two centers together handle 13 critical technology functions for Uber globally, including Rider, Eats, FinTech, Risk and Payments, Maps, GSS, Customer Obsession, Uber for Business, AdTech and Growth, Infra, and IT, among others. Our India tech journey is only just beginning, with many exciting things planned for the next few years.