There is no Uber without driver partners. They are the ones who translate your experience from the digital to the physical, striving to make each of your rides safe, secure and magical. 

Today, we are introducing tipping in India, allowing riders to show appreciation for drivers when a 5-star review or a compliment is not enough. Tips go directly to your driver, Uber receives no service fees. At present, tipping is available on Uber only on Paytm trips, but we look forward to rolling it out on all modes of payment  soon. 

At Uber, we understand that sometimes the smallest thingsㄧlike playing the perfect song at the right time or lending a hand with a heavy piece of luggageㄧcan make a big difference. We want to give riders the opportunity to thank our partners for the things they do to make the experience more magical, memorable and fun. It’s a small step we’re taking to make saying thank you easier for riders and to celebrate drivers who go the extra mile in their own special ways. 

How does it work?

At the end of your ride, if you have opted to pay through your Paytm account, you can leave a tip to your driver directly in the Uber app. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps:

  • After completing your trip, you’ll see the usual rating screen 
  • As you rate and leave a compliment for the driver, you’ll see the option to also leave a tip
  • Select an amount from one of the preset options or input your own amount and submit.

Whether it’s the driver tipping feature or a fairer cancellation policy, every update leverages technology to improve the experience for everyone: drivers who want to earn more for their effort, and riders who want reliable access to transportation. These updates are part of our commitment to make driving more flexible and less stressful, with earnings and support drivers can depend on.