We’re taking another big step in our journey to help reduce bad air and our national carbon footprint by partnering with energy infrastructure and services provider, SUN Mobility. Our alliance will help deploy E-autos on our platform so millions of our riders have a cleaner, more convenient and affordable commuting option.

Here’s how our partnership will work:

  • SUN Mobility will offer its unique energy infrastructure platform, which includes swappable Smart Batteries and Quick Interchange Stations to select original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for building E-Autos.
  • Fleet owners and Uber’s driver partners will benefit because they can buy vehicles without the battery to save money on initial acquisition costs. 
  • They will receive charged, swappable batteries as a service by SUN Mobility, thereby reducing the overall cost of E-Autos to bring them in line with CNG, petrol and diesel powered ones.

“We are delighted to partner with SUN Mobility, an industry pioneer to try to usher in a wave of electric vehicles in the mass market category,” said Pradeep Parameswaran, President Uber, India and South Asia. “This is an important step forward in fulfilling our vision for creating a mobility ecosystem that is sustainable, provides cleaner air and helps build smarter cities across the region,” he added. 

Commenting on the prospects of the partnership, Chetan Maini, Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman of SUN Mobility said:  “Our mission is to give users a cost-effective and convenient energy infrastructure solution to accelerate the adoption of EVs (electric vehicles).’’

In line with the government’s vision to phase out internal combustion engine 3-wheelers by 2023 and 2-wheelers by 2025, we will pilot our partnership in select cities over the coming months. This will help bridge the demand-supply gap and build a more sustainable future for transport in India and beyond.