At Uber, we constantly strive to create an inclusive workplace that reflects the diversity of our employees and communities we serve. 

In line with this thought, we took pride in partnering with RISE,  India’s first LGBTI job fair in Bengaluru last week.

We leveraged this partnership to come out in full support of the LGBTQI+ community as residents of Bengaluru city woke up to rainbow colored routes on the app. We had an attractive experience booth at the fair where people could share and record their views on what ‘Equal opportunity’ meant to them.

This job fair came on the heels of a ruling wherein the Supreme Court of India overruled a law that criminalised homosexuality earlier in 2018, extending the choice of sexual preference to all. 

In February this year, we initiated the introduction of the ‘Pride Heart’ emoji by engaging Unicode Consortium, who governs the introduction of new emojis. We want to provide every community with the opportunity to express love, universally.

“In today’s work environment, companies should focus on not only supporting but actively implementing policies that promote diversity,” said Vishpala Reddy, Regional HR Director, APAC, Uber. 

This is but the start of a long journey towards building more inclusive workplaces in India. The goal is to ensure that each person is able to exercise their human right to work.