Namaste India! A few years ago, we launched our operations in the country and what a ride it has been since then! To make travelling around the country easier, we have expanded our service areas to Vijaywada and Ranchi now, marking our launch into the 40th city in India today.

Our vision is the same as it was back then – to offer reliable and affordable transportation options for everyone, everywhere at the tap of a button. Over the years, we have not only been able to provide riders with stress-free alternatives and unlock the potential of ridesharing in India but also created micro-entrepreneurship opportunities for thousands of driver partners everywhere; empowering countless small businesses and individuals from all walks of life.

Our recent launches in Patna, Agra, Kanpur, Amritsar, Varanasi, Prayagraj and today’s simultaneous launches in Ranchi and Vijayawada, have enabled us to reach the 40 city milestone in the first half of 2019 itself, a feat we are very proud of!

In Vijayawada and Ranchi, UberGo will now offer riders an affordable and reliable solution to get around the city quickly, helping the residents have more mobility options and extending more economic opportunities to those who sign up as driver partners.

Furthermore, we have also introduced several innovative initiatives to reiterate our commitment to India such as UberCARE, an easy access to term insurance for the driver partners, Safety Toolkit and inked strong partnerships with Government bodies to bring transparency, accountability and strengthen safety of riders before, during and after a trip.

At Uber, we envision a transformed future of mobility that respects everyone and ensures reliable rides at the push of a button.