We know the winters are harsh in most of north India, and that many are forced to endure the biting cold without access to proper woolens. To do our bit to help those in need, we have partnered with Goonj for our 2nd annual winter giving campaign – ‘Spread Warmth with Uber Package’. 

We invite those of you in Delhi-NCR to contribute woolens to help the needy this winter. We will provide free pick-ups and drops for these giveaways in Delhi-NCR between Dec 13 and Dec 19, from 10AM to 5PM. 

We decided to partner with Goonj considering their expertise of over two decades when it comes to winter woolen giveaways, and we encourage residents of Delhi-NCR who want to do their bit to share the warmth with the less privileged.

On the Uber app – a dedicated delivery option, ‘Package Giving’, has been created through which you can give away your woolen clothes in good condition to the underprivileged to help provide some comfort during north India’s cold winter. 

We have always been committed to supporting communities we serve in, and urge residents of Delhi-NCR to generously support the initiative which makes giving and sharing as easy as a few clicks on the app.

Help Spread Warmth this winter in 3 easy steps:  

  • Open the Uber app (For new users- Get the free Uber app from the App Store or Google Play on your smartphone and open the app to create your account).
  • Click on Package Icon in your Uber app and enter destination as Goonj, Gurjar Rajesh Pilot Marg: Delhi Center and select ‘Uber Package Giving’ 
  • Request a delivery. The ride will be free of cost, up to Rs 450, and limited to one trip per rider

The drop location for essential items remains Goonj Delhi NCR Office

Respecting the dignity of people receiving these woolens, we request you to give items that are in good and usable condition.