We continue to expand our footprint across India and today we’ve launched operations in Agartala with our popular Uber Auto service, which will offer you convenient and affordable mobility solutions to support your travel needs in the new normal. 

The launch marks our presence in the 83rd Indian city, and the first in North-Eastern state of Tripura. 

In the coming months, we have way more planned to reach you, in terms of expanding our range of services to address the varied mobility needs of your city. 

As millions of Indians begin moving again, we aim to offer convenient pick-ups, hassle-free rides, and digital payment options at a touch of a button and promote e-hail over the traditional street hail model for Auto rickshaws. Uber Auto will also provide our community of driver-partners improved earnings and optimum utilization of their time, resulting in financial independence and the economic revival of communities.

Safety remains a top priority and over the last few months, we have made substantial investments to procure safety supplies for drivers and implemented innovative technology-driven solutions to help riders and drivers feel safer while on a trip. These include a comprehensive set of safety measures, such as the Go Online Checklist, a mandatory mask policy for both riders and drivers, pre-trip mask verification selfies for drivers and mandatory driver education on safety SOPs. Additionally, all the auto-rickshaws on our platform will also be installed with safety screens just behind the driver seat to help restrict contact and provide an additional physical barrier, facilitating social distancing between drivers and riders.