As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the overall rider and driver experience, we have launched ExpressMatch at Kolkata airport. It’s a feature which will reduce wait times, ensure seamless rider pick-ups and also facilitate physical distancing by pre-staging a small number of vehicles at pickup points. 

After pilots across airports in the United States and Canada, Kolkata airport is the first in the world to implement our innovative ExpressMatch technology.  

ExpressMatch alerts a subset of drivers to pre-stage their UberGo vehicles at preassigned pickup zones, instead of waiting in remote parking areas, thereby facilitating a trip as soon as the rider requests one.  Our dynamic, intelligent dispatch tool sends drivers to the pickup points to wait briefly before they receive a ride request, reducing rider wait time to almost zero thereby facilitating social distancing, improving overall rider experience and reducing congestion at the airport. 

The feature also ensures efficient optimisation of time for drivers by reducing idling at airport pickup zones.