We understand your safety concerns while on the road, and we want you to know that you are taken care of during an Uber trip. We now have your every trip insured by a leading insurer, right from the start to the end. 

Each time you take a trip booked through the Uber App, the trip shall be insured against accidental bodily injury, whether you commute in a 2, 3, 4-wheeler, or Uber Shuttle (pilot in progress) vehicle.

The insurance provides coverage for medical expenses, permanent disability, partial disability, and death, in case an accident occurs while you are on a trip arranged through the Uber App. This helps protect you and your loved ones when an unforeseen accident occurs.

Description and Scope of Insurance Cover*:

Earners and Riders are covered for bodily injury as a result of an on-trip accident arranged through the Uber App, whether you commute in a 2, 3, 4-wheelers, or Uber Shuttle vehicle in India. 

The coverage starts from the time an Earner accepts a request for a trip from a Rider through the Uber App, and ends after the completion of the Transportation Service (being when the last passenger leaves the Earner’s registered vehicle or before the request for the Transportation Service is canceled.  

For Riders: The coverage starts from the point the rider onboard the vehicle booked on the Uber App and lasts for the duration of the trip until the rider leaves the vehicle.

How to report the accident to Uber?

Earners or Riders can go to the Past Trips section in-app and provide feedback on the ride. To navigate in the Uber app, go to the menu and select Account> Trips> Select the Trip you have an Issue> Select ‘Report Safety Issue’> Select ‘I was involved in an accident’ and fill up all the accident-related information. Uber’s incident response team will reach out to you and align the insurance partner for them to take you through the claim process.

Our round-the-clock in-app customer support is designed to further improve products and operations, with a core focus to provide specialized support for critical incidents that require immediate attention.

If you wish to make an Uber trip accident injury claim directly with the insurance company, please contact Tata AIG General Insurance Company Pvt Ltd at the following contact. 


Tata AIG Customer Support Desk

Tel:(+91) 040 66874600 or

Email: Uberclaims@tataaig.com 

Hour: Monday~Friday 9AM~5PM

   Operator not available on Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday


Please convey the following information in case you make claim report

  • Your name registered with Uber 
  • Your phone number registered with Uber
  • Your email address registered with Uber
  • Date, time, and location of the Accident


What are the Coverages and Summary of Benefits*:

Accidental Death : INR 5,00,000

Accidental Disability (Permanent/Partial) : Up to INR 5,00,000

Accidental Hospitalization : Up to INR 2,00,000

(Hospitalization + Outpatient#) –


* The above benefits are applicable for each impacted life.

# The Outpatient limit is INR 50,000/-, which is a sub-limit that forms part of the total sum insured for Accidental Medical Expenses.


*T&C applies


(i) Uber is the master policyholder of a group insurance policy covering 2, 3, 4-wheelers or Uber Shuttle vehicle trips issued by Tata-AIG General Insurance Company Limited (“TATA-AIG”)
(ii) TATA-AIG is responsible for payment of claims to the Riders and/or Earners arising under their respective policies. Uber is not responsible to the Earners and/or Riders for making payment of claims arising out of the policies
(iii) The content presented herein is for information purposes only and should not be considered as advice or solicitation or recommendation by Uber or its affiliates to any person for buying or availing of any insurance products.
(iv) Neither Uber nor any of its affiliates are engaged in the business of provision, sale, or distribution of any insurance products.
(v) Uber is not an authorized insurance company, insurance broker or other insurance intermediary, and Earners/Riders should source their own advice