We’ve always endeavored to lead the industry on safety. ‘Stand for safety’ is our core value and we’ve continually invested in technology and human intervention to make Uber rides safer for all. 

Once again, we’re introducing new and expanded technology-led safety features and strengthening our safety support to make every trip on Uber magical. 

Commenting on the announcement, Ashish Kundra, Principal Secretary, Government of Delhi, said, “The availability of safe and convenient mobility options need to keep pace with the rapidly expanding cityscapes. Over the last few years, ridesharing companies like Uber have brought a transformative change in the urban mobility landscape by offering safe and convenient mobility choices to millions of people. It is heartening to see that the company is investing its resources to strengthen safety and support. I feel that this is the right way forward and strongly believe that the government, law enforcement authorities, and private companies will have to work together to create a safer mobility ecosystem.” 

Some of the key safety initiatives introduced at the event include:

                    Audio rear seatbelt reminder: We’re taking the lead on rear seatbelt adoption. Each time before an Uber trip starts, there will be an audio rear seat belt reminder for riders on the driver’s phone along with a push notification on the rider’s phone. This will nudge riders to buckle up and stay safe. 
RideCheck 3.0: RideCheck is our tech-led feature to proactively detect trip anomalies and offer support. It was introduced in India in 2019 to detect ‘long stops’. Each time the system detected an unusually long stop during a ride, both the rider and driver received a notification asking if everything was ok. Now, we’ve expanded the capabilities of our RideCheck technology to detect when a trip takes an unexpected route or when a trip ends unexpectedly before the rider’s final destination.
SOS Integration: We already have an in-app emergency button that connects riders and drivers to their local emergency number with the simple tap of a button. Now, Uber has also launched SOS integration with local police to share critical information with them including live location. This is already live in Hyderabad and we’re in active talks with major metro cities. 
Revamped safety toolkit: Our new Safety toolkit features brand-new options and has been designed to give easy access to the help that a rider may need. It also has information about our different safety features that are available at the tap of a button. 
Expanded support: Our 24X7 Safety Line allows riders to call 88006-88666 from their phone or access it via the Uber app to connect to a live support agent. Now, this line will be available to riders to report any safety issues while on-trip and up to 30 minutes after the trip has ended. Experts from Uber’s twin support centers in Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam are available round the clock for support and answer 99% of incoming calls within the first 30 seconds.