We understand that short change is in low supply these days. So we want you to save every bit of change you have! Who knows, you might need it for your next samosa chat pit stop while on the road.

We’re giving you some short change to experiment with this weekend. How it works:

  1. Apply code SHORTCHANGE and take ₹ 50 off next 2 Uber trips
  2. Tell us on Twitter where you spent your ₹ 50 notes instead. Don’t forget to tag @Uber_India and #SHORTCHANGE.
  3. Most creative response wins more short change ~₹ 50 off next 10 rides.
  4. We will consider your creative wit even if you don’t apply the code or take any Uber rides this weekend. We’re nice that way.

Here are some situations that you will need to save your #SHORTCHANGE for:

When CP’s thrift shopping has you mesmerised and you may need to pay in cash.
When you take rides that don’t accept Paytm or card. Lucky for you, we do.
When the heart wants what it wants – a golgappa. Or a samosa chat. Or a plate of momos.
When you just feel like making someone’s day in this time of cash crunch.




  • Promo code valid for rides taken in Delhi NCR only
  • Twitter contest and promo code valid till midnight of Sunday, 27th Nov. 2016
  • Winner to be notified on Tuesday, 29th Nov., 2016
  • The winning rides will be valid for 1 month
  • Photo credits: @aguywhoclicks & @travelpalette on Instagram