Drivers are at the heart of everything we do at Uber. 

In line with that, Uber committed approx. INR 100 crores towards supporting drivers partners and their families to weather the impact of COVID 19. 

Driver partners across Moto, Auto and Car have benefited from initiatives like the Uber Care Driver fund, COVID financial assistance, vaccination compensation for drivers, safety kit distribution, free online doctor consultation, and micro-loans.

Some milestones include:

  • Uber Care Driver Fund: To help driver partners during the early days of the pandemic, we created the Uber Care Driver Fund, with an initial commitment of INR 25 crores from Uber, benefitting approximately 1,00,000 driver partners.
  • Prioritising Safety: We spent INR 6 crores each towards safety kit and safety screen distribution among driver partners.
  • COVID Financial Assistance: Earlier this year, we announced approximately 2 crores worth of COVID financial assistance program for driver partners. 
  • Driver Vaccination: An additional INR 18.5 crore  worth of cash incentives was pledged to encourage driver partners to get vaccinated by compensating them for the time spent in getting the shots. More than 300,000 driver partners on our platform have already received at least one vaccine shot.
  • Micro Loans: Micro loans worth INR 18 crores were facilitated for driver partners in the last 2 years (2020 and 2021)
  • Online Doctor Consultations: Over 75K drivers and their families were facilitated free online doctor consultations in the last 2 years (2020 and 2021)
  • Miscellaneous: Another INR 22.6 crores went into various other driver benefits, and forging meaningful partnerships with the driver community.
Safety never stops at Uber

Over the past few years, we have launched several initiatives and forged some high profile partnerships to showcase our commitment to driver partners. Uber is committed to shaping up the future of work for this new enterprising workforce of India by creating a sustainable environment through new and innovative engagement and welfare initiatives. 

Drivers are the power behind every ride that’s delivered on the Uber app and their welfare will continue to be a significant part of our work in India.

As we head into 2022, we want to keep listening to and doing more for the millions of people who make our platform work. We look forward to sharing new initiatives in the New Year!