Safety is at the heart of everything we do. We never stop working to reduce incidents, and strive relentlessly to raise the bar on our safety standards, so that you can stay protected every time you ride with us. Because we believe, safety never stops. 

Awareness is a key part of safety, and new features mean nothing unless our customers know how to make the most of them. In line with an aim to raise awareness around our safety processes as well as our technology enabled safety features to ensure riders use these effectively during trips, we launched a marketing campaign ‘Safety Never Stops’ in India, today.  

We plan to relay our safety messages towards driving awareness and adoption, through the use of an innovative in-ride briefing video, so as to make the initiative as effective as possible. It will highlight various safety processes and features hosted within the Uber app in India, like ‘Call Anonymisation’ to protect the privacy of riders; comprehensive background checks of drivers before they are on-boarded, reminders to ‘Check Your Ride’ before boarding the car, to ‘Share Trip’ with your loved ones for your peace of mind, ‘24/7 Safety Helpline’ for any urgent assistance during the trip, and insurance for riders at no extra cost.

The master film of the campaign highlights the following processes and safety features hosted within the Uber app, in India: 

  • Check your Ride – Match the car make, number and driver photo provided in the app against the actual.
  • Share My Trip – Share a ride with a loved one/s from the list of contacts so that they can track the trip in real time.
  • On-trip 24/7 Safety Helpline – For an urgent, non-emergency issue, our 24×7 Safety Response team provides prompt assistance. 
  • Call Anonymization – Uber uses technology that anonymizes riders’ and driver-partners’ phone numbers so that they do not have each another’s real contact details. This protects the privacy of both parties.
  • Background Check of Drivers – Drivers must provide their licensing and vehicle documentation before being able to drive on our platform. Our system keeps track of every document’s validity; if a document expires, Uber’s system automatically prevents the driver from working on the platform until their documents are in order. 
  • Rider Insurance – All Uber rides are insured against on-trip accidental injuries at no extra cost to the riders. 

The ‘Safety Never Stops’ campaign goes live across the nation. It will be shared  in five languages- Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Bangla. During the campaign we will reach out to our consumers through a 360-degree amplification plan covering print, radio, digital, social and other channels to ensure greater awareness of its safety features.