In recent weeks we set out to introduce enhanced safety measures that go above and beyond industry standards and government requirements in India. After extensive testing of multiple domestic and international vendors who specialize in background screening, today, we are formally unveiling our new nationwide driver screening, working with First Advantage. This is an important step in building out an industry first background check process for every one of the thousands of driver-partners on the Uber platform in India.

Across India, Uber has always partnered exclusively with commercially licensed and insured driver-partners who are required to go through multiple verifications as part of government mandated transport licensing processes. We already have an ongoing, comprehensive re-verification process underway to ensure that all Uber driver-partners have the required police clearance and verifications.

Our arrangement with First Advantage brings in additional layers of screening over and above the standard transport licensing process including: address verification, a local criminal court search, and a national criminal database search.

As the trusted partner of more than 45,000 organizations worldwide processing over 23 million screens annually, First Advantage is a global leader in background screening.

We have been pilot testing the new screening process with First Advantage in recent weeks, and many thousands of driver-partners are in the process of being put through the screening and re-verification program in several Indian cities, including Delhi, to bring the highest screening standards to Uber users around the country.

We have a deep, long-term commitment to set the highest standard for safety across the industry. Our efforts to this commitment in India and around the world will be tireless and absolute.