From Australia to Zurich, people around the world will rely on Uber to get to and from their New Year’s Eve festivities so they don’t need to get behind the wheel. Even on one of our busiest nights of the year, anyone, anywhere should be able to push a button and get a ride within minutes.  

Given we’re expecting millions of rides to occur on just this one night, fares will likely be higher than usual. We expect demand to be highest from midnight to 3:00 am local time.

With upfront fares, there’s no surprises. We show you the price before you request your ride so you know how much you’ll pay. And when fares are much higher, you’ll be asked to confirm the higher fare before request.

When using Uber this New Year’s Eve, here are some tips to save money:   

  • Multiple Stops: Start or end the party early by picking up or dropping off your friends en route to the party and sharing one Uber.

  • Split Fare: Whether you ride with friends using multiple stops or all meet at the same place to catch your ride, split the fare right in the app with your friends.

  • uberPOOL: In 38 cities around the world, we have a carpooling product – uberPOOL – which lets you share the cost of the ride with others leaving around the same time, and heading in the same direction. uberPOOL can be a fraction of the cost of uberX.


Given it will be extra busy, remember to check your ride to ensure you are getting into the right car and to avoid imposter drivers with these tips:

  • Car details: Make sure the car make/model/license plate matches what’s in the app before you get in.
  • Driver details: Confirm the driver’s name and that he/she looks like the photo in app.
  • Beacon: If your city has Beacon, select your color and look for it in the windshield of the car when it’s pulling up.