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#EmpowerAMillion Indians with UberSHAAN

September 15, 2016 / India

Today, we are excited to announce Uber’s new initiative UberSHAAN, aimed at creating one million livelihood opportunities in India by 2018. Launching the initiative at the 9th Global Skills Summit at FICCI, Uber announced partnerships with Maruti Suzuki and National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) in support of this vision. These partnerships will support  skill development and driver training programmes to create livelihood with dignity for the unskilled.

Shri Rajiv Pratap Rudy, Union Minister of State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, said, “The partnership  between NSDC & Uber is a shining example of PPP(Public Private Partnership) in action. Through concerted efforts towards skill development and entrepreneurship building, we can mobilise the untapped potential of millions of Indians and support them in their journey towards self reliance and micro entrepreneurship. In this context, UberShaan’s vision to skill and empower 1 million individuals in the next 2 years and help them turn micro-entrepreneurs is creditable. We extend whole hearted support to this initiative and encourage people to benefit from this scheme.”

Amit Jain, President, Uber India said, “Uber is  committed to creating more economic opportunities and extends full support to the government’s Skill India and entrepreneurship building initiatives. With UberSHAAN, our plan is to rapidly scale India’s entrepreneurial base and generate 1 million livelihood opportunities on the Uber platform by 2018. Our partnership with the National Skill Development Corporation and Maruti Suzuki will be instrumental in realising our goal by 2018”.

UberSHAAN is aimed at expanding access to economic opportunities and bringing down entry barriers for micro-entrepreneurs. From providing access to skill development and driver training to the unskilled; to helping trained drivers receive commercial licenses–UberSHAAN will also support entrepreneurial ambitions of licensed drivers through vehicle financing and leasing solutions.

As part of the MoU signed between Maruti and Uber, the two will conduct a 4 month pilot in Delhi/NCR, Hyderabad and Chennai and organise driver training and on-boarding programmes. On completion of training and grant of commercial license, Uber will also support the journey of successful candidates by offering vehicle financing and leasing solutions.

Through its partnership with NSDC, Uber will support driver training at all 158 NSDC training centres nationwide that promote skill building in the automobile sector. Eligible drivers will be offered vehicle financing and leasing solutions from Uber.

We are thrilled to announce this initiative as we attempt to create an ecosystem of skill development and entrepreneurship that will generate sustainable economic opportunities for men and women across India.