Uber’s New Door-to-Door Safety Standards

May 26, 2020 / India

As you start moving again, we want to be sure you feel safe riding with us. That’s why we’re introducing a new Door-to-Door Safety Standard, that brings together the power of leading experts, Uber’s technology, and the shared responsibility between us all. Together, we can make the next ride #SaferForEachOther

Making every ride #SaferForEachOther

Here’s a message from the next rider

What if we told you that you can keep 1.3 bn Indians safe?  That you can start a new chain, where safety spreads from you, and travels across the country, to reach people you’ve never met. Wondering how you can start this chain? All the riders riding after you have the answer. Watch to listen in.

We all play an important role in keeping each other safe. Let’s make the next ride #SaferForEachOther

Team Uber