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Welcome to the Uber Loyalty Programme

March 30, 2017 / India

We’re giving you some extra #UberLOVE every time you ride with us this month in Delhi NCR.

As we earn your loyalty, all your rides for the month of April will earn you loyalty credits.

What are these loyalty credits good for? It’s simple: 1 Loyalty credit = Re. 1

How it works:

Earn 10 loyalty credits (~Rs. 10) on every ride you take Earn 10% of the money you spend on Uber as loyalty credits Credits accrued through the week will be added to your account every Tuesday of the following week

Some sample earnings to inspire you:

Trips taken Total billings & promo discounts redeemed Credits earned
10 ₹5,000 with no promo discount 100 + 500 = 600
20 ₹8,000 with ₹ 100 of promo discount 200 +790 = 990
30 ₹10,000 with ₹ 500 of promo discount 300 with 950 = 1,250
So, what are you waiting for? Ride more and start earning those free rides. We know you’ll truly want to keep coming back for more.


  • Program valid on non-MOTO trips in Delhi NCR
  • Your first round of credits will arrive in your account on 10th April 2017
  • No minimum requirement on the number of rides to be taken or the amount needed to be spent on Uber to be eligible for the credits [you’ve already made it!]
  • Offer for select riders only [communicated via email + SMS + in-app feed]
  • 10% credit-back applicable only on actual billings [net of any promotional discounts received]
  • Uber credits will be used on the next ride you take until they are fully utilised after which your chosen payment option will kick in
  • Credits have no expiration date and will be rounded off while being added to the rider’s account
  • Tolls will be excluded while calculating the amount a rider spends on Uber