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UBER VEHICLE FINANCING: Bringing Entrepreneurship to the Indian Grassroots

November 10, 2014 / India

Meet Mr. AS Pandey. For 13 years AS Pandey worked as a salaried driver in Delhi. He constantly fought issues of delayed payments and unexplained pay cuts by his employers. When Uber launched in Delhi, he was driving for a car rental company that Uber partnered with. He wished he could buy a car and associate with Uber directly, but his financial situation prevented him from doing so.

Today Uber has helped AS Pandey realise his dreams with Uber’s Vehicle Financing Program. He became one of the first of hundreds of drivers across the country to enroll under the program, proving that Uber is a preferred choice not just for riders, but also for partner-drivers. India is now the 1st country in Asia and 2nd country outside the US where Uber is rolling out vehicle financing for partner drivers, highlighting India’s strategic importance in Uber’s worldwide footprint.

We have partnered with top lending companies like Shriram Finance, AU Financiers and Toyota Financial Services and have created vehicle financing schemes with low down payment (as low as INR 60,000), superior finance rates and faster turn-around time, exclusive to Uber. In addition to the superior financing schemes, we’ve also worked out exclusive discounts on vehicles with leading auto companies like Mahindra, Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, and Toyota.

“Shriram Transport Finance is glad to join hands with Uber. We will provide loans to the partner drivers of Uber. The association will facilitate us to expand our passenger car financing business. The pact is a win-win deal for all the parties involved. Shriram Transport Finance and Uber encourages ‘Drivers cum Owner’ business model and the drivers get easy financing. Since, Uber ensures enough business to these drivers so that their vehicles are fully utilized thus assuring us of our EMI payments. We expect that with convenient loan facility, Shriram Transport Finance will be able to tap the current and expanding network of Uber.”

– Umesh Revankar, MD & CEO, Shriram Transport Finance

With Vehicle Financing, Uber takes a large step forward in its endeavour to create entrepreneurs in every section of society. We have now empowered individuals and have created an ecosystem that will enable hundreds of thousands of Indians to become new business owners. If you want to avail of the scheme, register yourself on or contact your local Uber city team.

Here’s to another million entrepreneurs!

Team Uber India