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July 3, 2017 / India

From the moment the rider is matched with a driver until he or she reaches the destination, the Uber experience has been designed to always put safety first. We are committed to providing a reliable and safe platform to both our riders & drivers. 

Our technology enables us to focus on the experience, before, during, and after every trip. Find a download of some of the app features below:



Running late for a meeting or want to keep your family in the loop?  

Keep your folks informed about your whereabouts through the ‘Share status’ feature

  1. On-trip, scroll up your app 
  2. Choose 'share status' on the feed 
  3. Select amongst your contacts & the channel, to share the status with

The selected people would get a message with a link to your current trip status. 


In a crisis during the ride? 

Use the ‘Emergency’ option on the app

  1. Scroll up to find the EMERGENCY option
  2. See an option to ‘Call Police’. Once you select it, you will be shown a confirmation screen. You can continue to reach out to the Police
  3. Once pressed, the 24x7 Incident Response Team is notified & gets back to you within minutes

Please do remember to use it only when there is an emergency situation. For other kinds of assistance, you can simply access in-app support in the Help section of the main menu.

Unsure about your destination, want to change it mid-way or want to get down of the car immediately?

Update your destination anytime before or during your trip 

  1. Scroll up your app 
  2. Type in the new destination
  3. Tap on 'change destination'
  4. Your destination is updated in both your and the driver's app 

Your fare will accordingly be adjusted (based on distance & time) & you will no longer be required to pay the initial fare displayed to you upfront

Pro tips 

  1. Once you are matched with a driver, you have access to the driver rating. Driver rating aggregates ratings by riders at the end of the trip
  2. If you have had an out-of-the-ordinary experience, don’t forget to give a ‘compliment’ to the driver at the end of your trip
  3. Once your driver partner arrives, make sure that his face matches the driver profile. If not, we request you to report it so we can take strict action against the driver. We also recommend you not to board the vehicle in this case

More measures to ensure the reliability of your rides

  1. When a driver gets enlisted on the platform, we do a background check. This includes getting necessary official documents, licenses and criminal history check. There are also driver community guidelines with respect to behavior with riders, canceling a trip, safe driving etc. that contribute to the rider’s experience on Uber
  2. Through face-recognition technology, we are able to ensure that his selfie (taken before he sets out for the day) matches the right driver profile for the account
  3. We never share our riders’ contact details with the drivers. We are thereby able to provide full security & privacy to our riders
  4. Through Telematics, we get access to precise information about the vehicle & speed thereby being able to reduce cases of unsafe driving
  5. For any violation, Uber takes immediate & appropriate action against drivers