Delhi: Your Uberauto Is Arriving Now

April 9, 2015 / New Delhi
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Gone are the days when you had to call your neighborhood taxi-stand or flail your arms about on a street-corner. When you need a reliable ride to get you zipping around town, you open your Uber app. Well, guess what – we’re bringing that same awesomeness to your auto rides.

With this launch, not only will you be able to ride an auto without the hassles of flagging one off the street or negotiating your fare. You can simply pay for your ride in cash based on the government approved metered fare. That’s right, with the launch uberAUTO, you can request a ride the Uber way and pay in cash at the end of your ride!

Autos are an iconic and ubiquitous part of the Delhi landscape and we are excited to have them as another option on the Uber platform. With uberGO, uberX and UberBlack, and now uberAUTO, we’re delivering more choice to our riders and another option for drivers too.


uberAUTO further expands the universe of transport and payment options available through the Uber app and is being launched as a cash-only service for now. Users simply select the uberAUTO option in-app, take a ride and pay the driver directly in cash.


When it comes to getting around Delhi, auto-rickshaws are a staple. We recognise the history and value of autos to the transportation landscape. For us, uberAUTO is another way of using technology to offer more choice, making life simpler and keep Delhi moving.


  • Pricing will follow the fare rules set out by Delhi state authorities.
  • Fare adjustments are not possible for uberAUTO rides as rides are paid for in cash.
  • There is no booking fee or additional charge to riders.
  • You do not need any minimum balance in your Paytm wallet to be able to book uberAUTO.
  • A valid Uber account is needed to be able to book an uberAUTO ride.
  • uberAUTO is available in Gurgaon and Noida through NCR permit holding vehicles.

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(Up to ₹300 | Valid until Apr 30th)

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– Team Uber Delhi