Your new Uber app has arrived

May 23, 2017 / India

Our new app is designed for making your experience faster and more efficient. And it also packs some very cool features in it.

Find a download of some of these features below.



Request a ride

  • Your new app starts with ‘Where to’- your destination.
  • Scroll through the product selector panel through simple left and right swipes & pick the product best suited to your needs
  • Incase you want to change your pickup point from default: current point, do it by clicking on the pick-up flag on the map. You can then just move the map to drop the pin exactly at the point where you wish to be picked
  • Done. Your Uber will find a ride closest to you and you are good to go!

Schedule a ride 

  • Tap the icon next to the ‘Where to’ search bar
  • Set your pickup window: date & time
  • Choose your pickup and destination points
  • Choose the product of your choice
  • Hit ‘Schedule’
  • Confirm the details of the trip and press ‘Done’
  • You can edit the details of the trip by going to ‘Upcoming’ on the ‘Your trips’ section.

Choose amongst various products

  • Once you have entered your destination in the ‘Where to’ search bar, choose your preferred product from the panel below
  • You can swipe left to navigate from ‘Economy’ to ‘Premium’
  • To know more about any product, you can just click on the product icon

Apply a promo

  • Go to the main menu of the app
  • Click on ‘Payment’
  • On the ‘Promotions’ section, click on ‘Add Promo/Gift Code’
  • Type the code (it is not case-sensitive)
  • Your promo would automatically apply when you take a relevant trip
  • To check, click on ‘Promotions’

Raise an in-app ticket 

  • For any issue on your trip, you can easily raise an in-app ticket
  • Go to ‘Your Trips’ on the main menu
  • Click on the concerned trip from the history
  • Choose the type of issue you are facing under ‘Help’
  • You will get a resolution shortly after

Add payment method 

  • On Uber, you can choose to pay with any payment mode.
  • Go to ‘Payment’ on the main menu
  • Add ‘Payment method’
  • Choose Credit or Debit card or a mobile wallet such as Paytm
  • It’s easy to switch your payment method from the main menu or even when while you are requesting your ride

Scroll through the in-app feed

  • The new app also comes with a feed that is designed just for you.
  • Scroll up to find all the exclusive content

Along with the above, you can also ‘share status’ so that others can track your ride wherever you are. You can raise an in-app ticket if you have ‘lost an item’ in the car or have been ‘charged a cancellation fee’ for a reason beyond your control amongst a whole lot of other things. 

Give the gift of Uber to friends & family 

  • It’s easy to spread the Uber love with your address book
  • On the main menu, go to ‘Free Rides’
  • Connect contacts & choose your invitees
  • Just send the message & earn free rides along with your invitees