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Uber Shuttle! Your daily commute made easier and more affordable

April 18 / New Delhi

Get your first ride FREE and up to 45% off on up to 100 rides.

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Uber Shuttle is a new way to enjoy a comfortable, safe, and convenient commute in Delhi. There’s no need to wait to hail down and squeeze onto a crowded bus, spend hours in the metro or drive in peak traffic.

We’re excited to make Uber’s high quality and safety standards accessible to everyone. You can now use Uber Shuttle for your daily commute on select routes across Delhi.

Uber Shuttle uses technology to reserve your seat on a clean, air-conditioned, and high-quality Shuttle. When you request your ride through the app, you will see Shuttle schedules and can choose as per your needs up to a week in advance.

You will get Uber’s convenience at prices you’d love every day. We invite you to try Uber Shuttle and get your first ride FREE.

Our Pre-fixed routes: 

To find the pick-up/drop-off points closest to you, click on the routes below

How to book Shuttle?

  • Before starting, make sure you are using the latest version of the Uber app.
  • Request: Enter your destination, select the ‘Shuttle’ option, review your fare, select your preferred pick-up timing, and then tap request.
  • Wait a few minutes to see your trip details. You will see the information about your trip in the app: 
    • Driver information and pickup spot.. You can track the Bus with a reserved seat on the way to your pickup spot.
  • Walk to the pickup spot you see on the map and make sure you arrive before your bus gets to the pickup spot. 
    • The bus will only wait 2 minutes at the pickup spot
  • Board the bus and enjoy your ride in your personal seat on the clean, safe, air-conditioned bus.
  • Drop off: We will drop you as close as possible to your destination. 
    • You will see walking directions to your final destination in the app

Our Door-to-Door Safety Standard

Since March 2020, we’ve introduced new policies and features like introducing a mandatory mask policy and training our drivers on community safety guidelines to help you all stay #SaferForEachOther.