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Celebrating our #UberHEROES

October 30, 2017 / New Delhi

This week marks 4 years of Uber in Delhi. To serve this city and it’s people has been our mission and privilege. What better way for us to express our gratitude than by celebrating our very own Dilwalon ki Dilli.

As we celebrate these 4 humbling years,  we would like to recognize the pillars who have made it all possible – the unsung heroes, the everyday folks with extraordinary stories – our driver partners. We are kickstarting this Spotlight series to highlight these stories of integrity, of character and of winning in life notwithstanding adverse circumstances. 

My name is Surender Thakur and this is my story.

I spent my early years in a small town called Baddi near Chandigarh. I was never good at academics in school and I knew I had to tread a different path to get to my destination in life. Interestingly, it all began when I failed multiple times in high school and got an earful from my father. With the desire to take control of my life, I earnestly wanted to move to Delhi in search of work. 

Eventually, in my early twenties, I finally arrived in Delhi on a crisp morning with little money and a lot of ambition. I started off by doing odd jobs like cooking and washing utensils for a couple of years but eventually realized that I will not able to support my family by just doing this. Thereafter, I decided to start driving a car in Delhi.

As soon as Uber launched in Delhi, I jumped at the opportunity. Somewhere in my heart, I knew that Uber is the game changer that will propel me towards my dreams. With the help of Uber, I was able to purchase my own Swift Dzire. With hard work and perseverance, Uber enabled me to make a good living for my family and fulfill my children’s aspirations. 

Due to this breakthrough, I was able to afford aviation training for my daughter. It makes me extremely proud that she is now working for a leading airline company. I even went on to buy a second car for my family. I never imagined that I’d be able to lead such a fulfilling life.

I’ve been working with Uber for almost 4 years now and was recently commended by the company for completing 10000 trips – I was told this milestone was the first of its kind for a driver-partner in Delhi. I feel proud to have achieved such a feat.

The reason I’ve had such a strong relationship with Uber is that it gives me the power to be my own boss. It gives me the option to work when I want and be there for my family when they need me. It has fulfilled my desire to take control of my life. It has truly been an amazing journey with Uber. From a failure at school to being a winner today – life is all about moving forward. I have moved ahead hand-in-hand with Uber, and together we will move Delhi forward for many years to come.

My favorite rider memories

Once I picked up a rider who wanted to go to ITC Maurya and was sharply dressed. During the trip, we engaged in a very interesting conversation and he came across as a nice person. Soon enough, the trip was about to end but the conversation was still alive. When we were about to reach the destination, he invited me to come inside the restaurant to continue the conversation over a cup of tea – all expenses paid! It was a really warm gesture and the tea was quite good too.
Another time, I picked up a rider in East Delhi. As the rider sat inside my car, I was utterly surprised! It was a popular Indian cricket player! It was an amazing moment to drive him around and I still tell my friends about it!

Delhi has always treasured a melting pot of uncanny aspirations and ambitions. From chasing dreams to seeking livelihood, people from all walks of life have made Delhi their home. Over the last four years, we’ve had the privilege of moving the people of this city to their destination.