Reasons2POOL: Take one step forward with Uber

November 29, 2017 / Chennai

One year ago, we launched uberPOOL in Chennai with the vision to decongest Chennai.  Not only has uberPOOL been up to 50% cheaper than uberGO, but also it has helped get more people into fewer cars—making it a good option for people’s wallets and our city. We’re excited to share the beginning of the impact we’ve made-
Together, we’ve saved 34,60,000 Litres of petrol and helped reduce 2600 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions.

How can you contribute to a better environment and a better city?
Start with the little things today
be it pooling to work, avoiding plastic bags or recycling waste.  Let’s take #OneStepForward, together. We at Uber believe in the ideology of Do more. Drive Less.  

Forget about the hassles of owning a car or driving around for your daily commute needs and POOL your way through Namma Chennai. 

Here are top few reasons we think you should switch to POOL:

  • It is the most economical option. Use POOL and save big! 
  • POOL-ing your way to college or work helps you meet interesting co -riders and increase your network in the city. 
  • Too much traffic? You will never get bored through your travel time. 
  • POOL helps us decongest the roads of city and improve the environment conditions.
  • One shared ride can replace up to 13 private cars.

Here are top stories by power riders who have switched to POOL:

  • uberPOOL is Paisavasool and my daily mode of commute from metros. I reach home in flat Rs 29 these days. #SwitchToPOOL
  • Since I use uberPOOL to college/ work, I met a very interesting rider and guess what, we are now closest of friends. #SwitchToPOOL
  • My work/ college is about 5km from my house and I have been using uberPOOL as I only pay Rs 49. It’s so affordable. #SwitchToPOOL.
  • I landed myself an interview at a top MNC because my co-rider in my uberPOOL ride worked at the company. #SwitchToPOOL.

It is now time to #SwitchtoPOOL – take the small step forward to save BIG!