Today we released demographic data on the diversity of Uber’s employees for the first time. Uber is a data-driven company, and we can’t improve what we don’t measure. The data we’re publishing today is a critical first step in making Uber a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

But we also know that numbers only tell part of the story. So we asked a few of our employees from around the world to share, in their own words, what Uber means to them—and what they want to see going forward. Here’s what they had to say.


Ann Bordetsky, Global Business Development, Women@Uber co-Chair

San Francisco

We are a company of innovators and creative problem solvers. What we do at Uber matters in the lives of millions all around the world and we seek to honor that. I want to see us challenge ourselves to innovate not only when it comes to products, but also how we serve the world and our global community of drivers, riders and employees. We must strive to become the world’s most global and diverse organization, and in doing so raise the bar for all future tech companies to follow.”

Akshay BD, Public Policy Manager

San Francisco

“Uber stands for giving riders and drivers their time, freedom and independence back, all at the push of a button. What I hope is for all of us who work here to always believe that we’re only 1% done—whether we’re working to change the world outside of Uber, or inside of it—and to treat adversity as an entrepreneurial adventure.”

Bernard Coleman III, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion

San Francisco

“Uber is about the future: changing the way people get around and creating opportunity where doors were once closed. My dream for Uber is to see it as a leader not only in ridesharing, but as the front-runner in diversity engagement and inclusion.”


Haider Sabri, Senior Engineering Manager

San Francisco

Uber breaks down barriers: barriers to earn an honest wage, barriers to get around safely and affordably, barriers between businesses and their customers, barriers between strangers. And this moment is an opportunity for us to tackle the barriers within our own industry, too. My goal is that everyone in the world can live as if they have a car or a job in their back pocket at all times.


Jo Bertram, Regional General Manager, Northern Europe


The last six years have been about growing as a company and growing in geography. We now need to become aware of our size, our impact, and the leadership role that we need to embrace in technology and in cities around the world. Uber is about building—not just building the business in my region, or building my team from three people to hundreds today, but for the drivers who are building their own businesses on the flexibility that Uber offers.”


Joe Sullivan, Chief Security Officer, Executive Sponsor for UberHUE

San Francisco

“I believe Uber stands for democratized transportation, empowering people everywhere to get themselves (and their goods) from A to B in ways that change communities for the better. If we are going to continue to build products and services that improve transportation, we need to grow ever more connected to and representative of the people we serve.”


Leandre Johns, Public Affairs Texas Manager, UberHUE co-Chair


“I believe Uber can create a backbone for a city that allows people from ALL parts of the city (suburban, rural, underserved, well-developed) to move fluidly and equitably around the city whenever they want. To do this, we need to embrace and prioritize diversity within Uber at the highest level. This includes thoughtful hiring and installing measurable processes, as well as improving how we train managers at Uber—diversity and inclusion should be a part of their training from the outset.”

Luce Tchouane, Strategic Project Lead, Community Operations for Europe, Middle East and Africa


“Uber is a magical experience and changing people’s lives; it’s for anyone, anywhere. My hope for the company is to continue to thrive and grow into an organization that will be remembered for many years as one that had a positive impact on technology and society, providing opportunities for millions of people: employees, drivers and communities.”

Monica Gutierrez, Senior Recruiting Lead for Latin America

Mexico City

The way I see it, every person we hire is not only getting a job, but getting a job at one of the fastest-growing companies in the world. At the same time, everyone we hire is providing more opportunities for the people in their cities: every car out there driving with Uber is another opportunity we helped to create. We are transforming cities, and I like to think that we are creating a better world, city by city, and hire after hire.”

Nancy Douyon, UX Lead for Global Scalable Research Platforms

San Francisco

“Uber stands for inclusive design. We’re attempting to bring the world together by amplifying the voice of the underrepresented—and that starts at home. Going forward, my hope is that Uber can enable communities around the world to be their best. That means redefining what it means to be a working woman and cleaning up cities.”


Nicole Cuellar, Driver Operations and Logistics Manager NYC, UberHUE co-Chair

New York City

“I want Uber to be the best company to work for on the planet, for absolutely everyone, no matter where you’re from or who you are. If you’re talented, you belong here and you feel it. We’ve been so focused on growing that I think we forgot to take care of the team in some fundamental ways—now we need to go back to basics. When I come to work every day, it feels like the whole team is ready to support the big changes that need to happen, and to be an active part of it.”


Ray Roth, Designer, UberPRIDE

San Francisco

Uber is technology designed for real-world impact. We’re architects of our future, changing how millions of people live and work. I want to see Uber become the gold standard of a just workplace by addressing issues like equal pay and diversity. And to become champions of change by creating a model that other companies can adopt globally.”


Tasneem Minadakis, Senior Engineering Manager, LadyEng Co-Chair

San Francisco

“Uber is a company that has challenged the status quo and provided a new way to earn for millions of people. I’ve never been at a company with a stronger sense of mission. And the good thing about having so many employees who feel strongly about what we’re building is that they’re willing to speak their minds, especially in critical moments of change. Together we can drive change and build the most diverse and inclusive company out there.”