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Uber Lux onboarding will be opening in London

June 15 / Ireland

We’re pleased to announce that onboarding to Lux will soon be available to eligible drivers in the coming weeks. Lux is an exclusive service available to a small percentage of Uber drivers. Here are some more details about what to expect once onboarding is officially open.

How do I know if I qualify for Lux?

If you’re currently driving in London, in order to qualify for Lux, you will need to meet three requirements:

  • A minimum of 1,000 trips
  • A consistent driver rating of 4.9 or higher
  • A Lux-eligible vehicle that was made in 2016 or later. In 2023, vehicles will need to be registered in 2017 or later to be eligible for Lux. To see if your vehicle make and model is Lux-eligible, please visit this page

Current Lux drivers with older vehicle models will have the 2016 vehicle age requirement enforced from 1 July 2022. 

How can I upgrade to Lux?

Similar to Exec and Comfort, our upgrade process will be automated. If you meet the above requirements, you’ll automatically be enrolled in Lux and will be able to see it in your driver preferences within your Uber app.

What’s expected of a Lux driver?

Lux is our most exclusive service and as a result riders have the highest expectations of their ride. To deliver the expected service level, all Lux drivers need to maintain a consistent driver rating of 4.9 or higher. 

Below are some ideas that may help you improve your rating and the rider’s experience. Of course, none of these suggestions are required, but they may help to make your ride extra special.  

Meet and greet

Greeting riders by name, assisting with any luggage, and opening the door can make a great first impression.

Sparkling clean

Lux riders are very appreciative of luxury vehicle models and are attentive to quality. Professional clothing and a clean, well maintained and ventilated car shows professionalism and promises a comfortable ride.

Creature comforts

Bottles of water, peppermints or handy access to a phone charger reflects attention to detail. Moving forward front seats that are not in use lets riders stretch out and get comfortable.

It’s personal

Being intuitive to your rider’s needs will help you deliver a tailored service. From extra leg room and music requests, to quiet discretion—riders will appreciate it.

Rider preferences

Similar to other premium products, when requesting a trip, riders will be able to communicate if they would prefer a quiet trip or if they would like to chat. In addition, they can indicate their preferred temperature and whether or not they have luggage, making it easier for drivers to personalise their service. Try to make note of rider preferences to help elevate each rider’s experience.

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