Yesterday, the Jakarta Government took a first step towards making history. With the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM)’s latest approval of Uber’s foreign investment (PMA) application, Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) fully recognizes Uber’s legality and value. In fact, at the meeting yesterday with the Provincial Heads, the Governor went on to highlight the need for reform within the ranks of DISHUB to ensure corruption is removed and ridesharing technologies like Uber, that bring tremendous benefits to the transportation ecosystem are given clear direction and allowed to thrive.

Speaking at this meeting Governor Ahok voiced his support for ride-hailing apps like Uber in Jakarta saying, “From my understanding, the main reason why Uber operates in Jakarta is based on the existence of huge public demand for safe, reliable and affordable means of transportation. Ride sharing, like Uber, has received positive and tremendous response from users because of its ability to provide consumers with those three pivotal factors – safe, reliable and affordable means of transportation – through the technology platform. I strongly support fair competition. More availability of transportation options, will only bring positive and impactful benefits to the public at large, as more supply will build more fair competition. This can also bring other positive impacts as the parties involved in this competition will strive to provide breakthrough on the quality of their products and services. This will in the end contribute positively to the consumers.”

The Governor also laid out a few simple requirements for these companies to flourish: 1) have a legal entity (PMA) 2) pay tax 3) require adequate insurance and 4) ensure partner vehicles undergo regular vehicle inspection (KIR). He also requested Dishub to accommodate ride-hailing apps and lift the cap on licenses for taxis and car rental companies, ordering them to work with Uber to develop a transparent process to conduct vehicle inspections and verify insurance.

We thank Governor Ahok for embracing innovation, championing economic development and promoting consumer choice. By doing so he is setting an outstanding example to other countries in the region that taking a collaborative and forward thinking approach is important and drives cities to a smarter future.

It is very encouraging that the ride-sharing industry in Jakarta has finally received a green light from Governor Ahok to operate an environment with regulatory certainty and conducive to success.

As a company we have made some mistakes in the past and apologise for that. But we are also quick to learn and we fully understand the requirements laid out by the Governor and will cooperate with his office BKPM and DISHUB to ensure Uber complies with all requirements. We have a simple goal –  to provide reliable transportation at the push of a button to everyone and create more economic opportunities for Indonesians using our innovative technology platform.

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