Jakarta – one of the world’s greatest megalopolises, is a city in the fast lane.  It hosts the political, cultural, business and tech capital of Southeast Asia’s largest country and biggest economy.  Life is lived here at an astonishing pace driven by a resilient economy and an unquenchable thirst, by its people, for a better tomorrow.  Jakartians woke up today to a better, safer & cheaper way to navigate its bustling streets.  Finally, the Big Durian joins the Big Apple, and many of the world’s great cities where Uber calls home.

Jakarta, your secret Ubers have arrived!

When it comes to the trendy & upscale, Donny & Christian’s restaurants, clubs and sky bars are world-renowned.  It came as no surprise the partners of the Ismaya Group wanted the same experience with their transportation. Using the fare split feature, a baller Uber whisked the two to a business meeting in SCBD, unhinged by the rush hour 3-in-1 rule and less than 20k IDR per person!


Word quickly spread around town as fans fired up their Uber app to get in on the action.  The talented actress, Raline Shah, needed to get to the set of her new movie – SuperNova.  Within minutes, a luxurious Uber arrived, leaving her enough time for a quick #UberSELFIE.

Miss Indonesia, Whulandary Herman, confidently & safely Uber’d back home from a night out because the Uber app provides the picture, name & license plate along with real-time GPS tracking of her driver.

Sharp-minded entrepreneur Sandiaga Uno requested an Uber between his business meetings.  Sharing his ETA with his business partners, he can travel easy knowing he will always be on time.

Affordable luxury, try us for FREE!

A car & driver is common among the Jakarta urban elite.  In a city where transportation alternatives are few and far between, Uber is truly everyone’s private driver – bringing its seamless, reliable and affordable transportation to every Jakartian.

We are so excited to be in Jakarta, we are giving everyone a free ride to share this private driver experience.    Here’s how to catch your secret Uber!

  1. Download Uber via the App Store on iOs, Android, & BB phones.
  2. No need for cash. Register your account with a valid credit card (Visa/MC/AMEX)
  3. Drop the pin on a pick up location & track the car in real-time.
  4. Use promo code: UBERONJKT and your first ride is on us!  (up to Rp 100,000 until June 30th, 2014)

During our testing phase in Jakarta, we will have limited cars available in the Central Business District.  You may also experience longer than usual ETAs.  But don’t worry — we’re working hard to put more Ubers on the system.

Last but not least, Uber Indonesia needs a founding team. We’re looking for a General Manager, Operations Manager and Community Manager to build Uber Indonesia from scratch.  We are looking for hustlers with crazy passion for Uber, an intimate knowledge of Jakarta, and won’t rest until Uber is a household name.

Stay calm and Uber on,

Uber Jakarta