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What is an Authorization Hold?

August 18, 2022 / Global

August 18th, 2022

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When you request a ride in the Uber app, you may receive a notification from your bank about an Uber charge. Uber may apply a temporary authorization hold for the value of the fare in advance, which will appear as a pending charge in your account’s payment method. This is standard e-commerce practice to ensure the card has sufficient funds, and most importantly, it doesn’t result in a duplicate charge on your card.

When the trip is completed, this authorization hold becomes a charge on the final trip fare.

  • If the total fare is less than the initial fare, only the actual fare for the trip will be charged and the authorization hold will be voided.
  • Alternatively, if the final fee is higher, we may override the original authorization hold and charge the final fee, or charge the remaining amount in addition to the original fee.

When you cancel a trip, the authorization hold will be removed immediately.

  • If you cancel the trip outside of our cancellation policy, the Uber app may charge you a cancellation fee.
  • This amount varies in each city, and depends on the time and distance the driver traveled until the trip was canceled.

Depending on your bank’s policy, the adjustment may be reflected within a few minutes or up to the date your account statement is published. If you need clarification on your bank’s policy on authorization holds, we recommend you contact your bank directly.

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