Year of The Tiger

January 15 / Hong Kong

English | Chinese

Uber Eats Feng Shui of Food

People born in the year of the Tiger will be affected by a travel star this year, which means you will be travelling a few times this year. If your work requires you to travel, you might be in and out of the country more than you’d like; if your work does not require you to travel outside of the country, you might be travelling between offices and departments frequently. However, brace yourself, the more you travel the more it would boost your career.

Tiger‧ Health

With all the travelling in and out of the country and in and out of offices means you probably won’t have the time for a proper sit down meal. Grabbing something on the go, like a burger, is an easy and convenient choice to make sure you have food in your belly. 

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Tiger‧ Relationship

People born in the year of the Tiger will be  accompanied by a “Solitary” star (孤辰), and will make you feel a little lonelier than usual this year. So, eat something that would warm the heart and soul this year –  indulge in Hong Kong’s very own hot and steamy claypot rice.

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Tiger‧ Career

People born in the year of the Tiger will be travelling around quite a bit this year. The more you travel, the luckier you’ll get with your career. Easy grab and go food is your best friend – whether it’s a sandwich, a wrap, or a burger!  

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Tiger‧ Wealth

Wealth is looking average this year for people born in the year of the Tiger – not outstanding, but not too bad. To boost your prosperity, eat food that is red in color to attract good fortune, such as Tong Yum Kung or Kimchi Tofu Soup. 

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