Friends Who Split Fare Together, Stick Together – Ride For FREE This Singles’ Day

November 10, 2016 / Hong Kong


Do you have friends who conveniently “forget” to pay you back? Are you tired of doing all the long calculations after a night out with friends? Simplify your life by using the split fare option anytime, anywhere and with anyone.

Don’t fly solo this Singles’ Day! Enter the promo code 1PLUS1 to get HK$50 off your next two split fare trips during the promotion period from Nov 11 to 17.

How to split your fare once you’ve requested a ride?

  1. Tap the “up arrow” next to your driver’s info and select “Split Fare”. (For updated Uber app users, “Fare Split” will be located under the in trip “Payment” tab).
  2. Select the friend(s) you’re riding with and tap “Send”.
  3. Your Uber-savvy friend(s) will receive a message and be taken directly to the app to confirm.
  4. Your friends without Uber will be asked to download the app, sign up, and confirm their share of the ride.


Splitting the dinner bill with your friends is complicated. Sharing the ride home isn’t! So don’t fly solo this Singles’ day and split fare with your friends to save more than 50% for every ride!

Terms and Conditions:

    • The promo will be applied to the total fare before splitting. 
    • The promo is valid for two split fare trips and can only be applied once per trip. 
    • The promo will be deducted from the rider who requested the ride. 
    • The promo cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions, including FREETOLL2016. 
    • Each person sharing the fare will pay a small transaction fee of HK$2.