Year of The Snake

January 15 / Hong Kong

English | Chinese

Uber Eats Feng Shui of Food

People born in the year of the Snake will need to be extra cautious and keep everything on the low key, because of the lack of positive energy in 2020.  Focusing on keeping things steady and safe would be smart. People born under this sign will be looked after by an auxiliary star called “Monthly Virtue” (月德), a certain someone will lend you a helping hand to undergo any difficulties.

Snake‧ Health

People born in the year of the Snake may get sick easier this year, and may also easily injure their hands or feet. To strengthen your immune system and avoid catching the flu, make sure to include as many fruits and vegetables in your diet as possible.

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Snake‧ Relationships

People born in the year of the Snake will not make great progress in interpersonal and romantic relationships this year.  If you’re single, it will not be an easy task to find your better half this year. But, do not fret, there’s always hope! To strengthen relationships you’re looking for or currently have, do not shy away from nourishing foods like soup, soup noodles, or even seafood pots.

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Snake‧ Career

There will be no major ups and downs in the career department for people born in the year of the Snake this year. In Chinese astrology, chicken is your best friend, especially if you’re born in the year of the Snake. Eating chicken, whether it’s fried, grilled, steamed or boiled, will help boost luck in your career. 

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Snake‧ Wealth

This year,  people born in the year of the Snake should make sure to include greens  in every single meal. The color green belongs to the wood element – an element that enhances wealth and boosts energy.  If that’s what you are looking for, vegetables are a must!

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