Year of The Rooster

January 15 / Hong Kong

English | Chinese

Uber Eats Feng Shui of Food

This year is full of romantic encounters for people born in the year of Rooster – both good and bad. If you can make good use of the opportunities that come your way, your workplace relationships and friendships will benefit. Avoid mishandling your relationships so it doesn’t spiral into something bad.

Rooster‧ Health

Better peach blossom luck usually means more social entertainment. Drinking and smoking too much can be harmful to your health, so for people born in the year of the Rooster – foods that come with high nutritional value, such as fish maw, ginseng and stewed soup, are especially good for you this year.

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Rooster‧ Relationship

With peach blossom luck flourishing, keeping good relationships will be a piece of cake for people born in the year of the Rooster this year.  Want to avoid too many encounters for yourself or your better half? Make sure you have potatoes such as grilled potatoes, fries or mashed potato in your meals!

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Rooster‧ Career

Being cursed by an unfavourable star “Curled Tongue” (卷舌) this year, those born in the year of the Rooster will unfortunately be surrounded by people who enjoy spreading rumours. Try to reduce your interactions with these people by eating more spicy food – Sichuan spicy hotpot, spicy Yunnan noodles and Japanese curry would be a good choice. 

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Rooster‧ Wealth

With peach blossom luck surrounding you, you might be out and about more often than usual, and you might be spending more than what you earn. People born in the year of the Rooster should eat more pork and chicken to boost wealth. 

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