Year of The Horse

January 15 / Hong Kong

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Uber Eats Feng Shui of Food

People born in the year of the Horse will face lots of uncertainties and changes this year, because 2020 is the year of Chong Tai Sui (沖太歲) for the Horse – which means people born in the year of the Horse will be clashing with the zodiac sign in-charge.  These changes may be created by yourself, or may suddenly arise and cause a certain level of panic. Luckily, the “Prosperity Star” (福星) will work its way through for those born in the year of the Horse, and guide you towards eating great meals!

Horse‧ Health

The pressure you will face from Chong Tai Sui (沖太歲) this year may cause minor cuts on your arms and legs. To stay extra healthy , nutritious food is a must. Superfoods with fungi and mushroom will help strengthen your immune system and release stress.

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Horse‧ Relationships

The Horse will see changes in your relationships this year – either you’ll end a relationship, or take it to the next level and tie the knot. If you want to keep your relationship as is, and to offset the impact of Chong Tai Sui (沖太歲), Chinese astrology says consuming more beef will help.    

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Horse‧ Career

There will be changes in your career this year – it may be switching to a different industry, changing jobs, or moving to different departments. If you want to reduce uncertain changes in your career, making sure you include beef in your diet is important. Dishes ranging from beef hotpot, beef rice to beef burgers, will be an ideal go-to for you. 

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Horse‧ Wealth

People born in the year of the Horse may lose great fortune this year. It could be because you are moving into a new house, renovating your place, or the extra expense that comes with a newborn baby. To save every single penny you can, maybe it’s not the year to go all-out on expensive meals. Stick with local staples, such as Hong Kongers’ favorite curry fish balls, Siu Mai,  and fake shark fin’s soup – all of which will equally satisfy the “Prosperity Star” (福星) looking over you.

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