Year of The Dog

January 15 / Hong Kong

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Uber Eats Feng Shui of Food

Blessed with the auxiliary star “Relief” (解神) this year, people born in the year of the Dog are entrusted with the responsibility of solving problems for people. You can help yourself and your friends tackle a lot of problems in 2020. But, going back to the chicken and egg problem, it also means you will need to deal with many problems this year.

Dog‧ Health

It’s inevitably busy being a problem solver, and you’ll need to maintain good health to do that! People born in the year of the Dog should eat a lot of vegetables, at least a portion with each meal, to stay healthy.  

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Dog‧ Relationship

Although people born in the year of the Dog can offer great help to others this year, you should beware of offending others unintentionally as you are tailgated by a star called “Tail” (豹尾) this year. Go for soothing food items such as congee, instead of irritating foods, to keep a calm mind.

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Dog‧ Career

With great power, comes great responsibility. After handling all these problems, people born in the year of the Dog can expect a good career prospect coming their way. For the time being, the more carbs you eat the better – eat more sushi to cheer yourself up and stock up on energy!

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Dog‧ Wealth

People born in the year of the Dog can build a good reputation for themselves this year but it may not come with wealth. Yet, your efforts will pay off some day. If you are looking to receive better luck in wealth, hot and warm drinks like fruit infused tea can help. Avoid iced drinks because it could cause you to lose money.   

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