Taxi for Piraeus port: Start your summer vacation with Uber!

July 1, 2019 / Greece

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No matter if it is snowing outside or if it is that hot that we keep looking for the ice cubes in our coffee, we are constantly dreaming of the greek islands (and who doesn’t). Sun loungers. Crystal clear blue waters with golden sand. The endless sea ready to welcome us. As summer approaches, these dreams come to life – secret beaches, cosmopolitan beaches, rocks ideal for diving …

When the moment finally comes, the journey to our dreamy island usually starts with a taxi to the port of Piraeus or a taxi to Rafina. Looking at the vast blue horizon from the deck of a ship, has become an integral part of the greek summer vacation.

Call a taxi to the port of Piraeus with the Uber App

Did you know that in Piraeus we have the largest passenger port in Europe? Almost 20 million passengers use it annually to reach the beach of their dreams, and explore the Aegean. Needless to say that it serves tourists from all around the world, but perhaps what interests you more is that it serves 49 different islands. Time to visit a new destination!

Wherever you choose to go this summer, it is important to enjoy the trip towards your destination – after all this is also a part of your vacation. In only a few steps you may call an UberTaxi to Piraeus port from your mobile phone. With the Uber app, you can also schedule when the system will automatically request your trip. You just relax and make sure you don’t leave you favorite swimsuit out of your suitcase.

Do you prefer a taxi to Rafina or a taxi to Lavrion port? We’ve got this covered!

Apart from Piraeus, Attica has two more ports. Although smaller, depending on your destination and your residence, they might be more convenient for you. Take a look!

Rafina serves many of our favorite islands, with direct connections to Mykonos, Ios and Folegandros, among others, but also to Andros and Evia, two destinations where you can not go from Piraeus. To call a taxi to Rafina with the Uber app, you just need to open the app and enter your destination. Throughout the journey you will be able to send real-time updates to your friends who will be waiting for you at the port, so they know what time to expect you.

As for Lavrio, the southernmost port of Attica, it is located in a beautiful small town that has been described as a “living museum” (maybe you can ask your Uber driver to arrive earlier so that you can explore it?). From there you can go to Kavala, Kimolos, Naxos, Paros … If you want a taxi to the port, you now know the easiest way to request it.

UberTaxi  to the port for a perfect start to your summer island hopping!

Are you one of those people who schedule a trip by taxi to the port of Piraeus using the Uber app days before their trip or do you prefer to wait until you are almost ready?
In any case, don’t forget that if you are traveling with friends, you can use the Split Fare feature in the Uber app that will make your life easier since anyone can pay by credit card or PayPal if they prefer. 

We wish you a fantastic holiday, and do not forget your sunscreen!