Monuments and Museums of Athens: The must see of the city

July 1, 2019 / Greece

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According to official figures from the City of Athens, about 5.5 million people visit the city every year – that is, one and a half times the population of the metropolitan area of ​​Athens. We all know the reason; it is the cradle of modern civilization with the emblematic Acropolis, fantastic close by beaches, islands, parks, museums and nearby regions.

Today we will see and talk about the most important museums and monuments one should absolutely visit when travelling in Athens. From the Acropolis to the museums and a botanical garden in Kallithea, come explore some of the most important cultural destinations. And if you prefer not to spend your time looking for parking, call a Taxi with the Uber app to avoid the hassle. The visit will reward you.

The birthplace of the city’s fundamental myths, thousands of years ago, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which states that it “expresses the culture of Greece”. The Parthenon of the 5th century BC, the Erechtheion, a temple dedicated to Athena and Neptune, the all-round Temple of Aptera Nike. It is difficult to perceive it with our modern eyes, but the Corinthian temple Temple of Olympian Zeus, only a breath away, was built later on as it was completed by the Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century, 638 years after the beginning of his construction – did someone mention anything about slow public construction?

Local tip: One of the best ways to see the Acropolis is a walk down Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, at the foot of the hill. It is a tour of the history of the city, with monuments of the Ancient, Roman and Byzantine period appearing one after another, as well as beautiful neoclassical houses. From there you can continue to Thissio or turn left to climb up the Philopappou Hill and visit Saint Dimitrios Loubardiaris.

The First Cemetery of Athens stretches over 170 acres full of historic tombs, beautiful statues and works of art – 768 sculptures in total. It is located in Mets and gives you the opportunity to see the “Sleeping Beauty” of Halepa, but also the graves of the most important people of modern Greek history, such as Sophia Vebo, Melina Merkouri and Henry Schliemann.

The most recent monument of the city entered our cultural map in 2016. Stavros Niarchos Park is the creation of the homonym cultural institution and is the largest public Mediterranean garden in the world. You will find it close to Plateia Nerou in Kallithea. The easiest way to get there is to call an UberTaxi, which will leave you right outside the entrance. In an area of ​​200 acres, you will find paths, herbs, trees such as olives, the Labyrinth, a playground, bicycles for rent and much more. Here you can also participate in sports activities and enjoy cultural events.

Museums of Athens: Impressive variety

Museums and Athens go together. The most important museums in the country are here, first and foremost, the New Acropolis Museum, which in 2019 celebrates the tenth anniversary of its opening, when it started to welcome over 1,600,000 visitors a year. Its many awards include distinctions for its architectural design, while offering a different viewpoint of observing the Acropolis itself, as well as the city.

Let’s not just talk about the obvious though. The museums of Athens have a huge variety. From the Benaki Museum, which offers exceptional art collections and cultural events, to the Numismatic Museum in the villa of Henry Schliemann bearing the name Ilion Melathron and the exciting Museum of Cycladic Art at Vasilissis Sophia Athens. Athens highlights different aspects of its newer and older history. Next, if you love cars, the Greek Motor Museum will impress you with more than 110 exhibits from the invention of the car to the present day.

Zoology, palaeontology and botany are the subject of one of the most exciting museums in Athens, especially if you want to enjoy a nice walk with children. Although most of the museums in Athens are at the center, you will find the Goulandris Natural History Museum in Kifissia. To avoid discomfort in the electric railway or bus, you can use the Uber app to find a Taxi quickly, and easily pay by cash, card or PayPal.

Are you travelling to Athens? Discovering new monuments and museums include a visit to one of the above destinations – or combine it for an even more special excursion.