Athens, your uberTAXI is here!

December 2, 2014 | Greece
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Athens has been the city of innovation for quite a few (thousand) years now. The Greeks were the inventor of major things such as democracy and theatre, and now they are about to discover the innovation Uber brings.

We’re sorry it took us so long to get to Athens, the cradle of civilisation and Western Culture, but Uber has arrived! Now the southeast frontier of Europe can enjoy Uber-ing and the journey begins today! Athenians, your uberTAXI just arrived and it’s awesome. Want to know why?


Athens’ ‘regular taxis’ just got awesome. Meet uberTAXI, the affordable, convenient and reliable way to get around Athens.


Christos Loulis was the first one to call an uberTAXI and was about to become our Rider Zero when Nikoletta Ralli, quick as the wind, called another one, at the same time. The two of them share the title as the first to start our Uber journey in Athens. So, while Christos was enjoying his first uberTAXI ride to the rehearsal for the upcoming performance of “Hamlet”, Nikoletta was in another uberTAXI, heading to downtown Athens for an interview for the new site “” that she writes for.


Beginning today, uberTAXI fares are 20% cheaper than a taxi. This is an introductory offer, and these discounted rates will stay in place until further notice. There will be no booking fees or additional charges to riders.
Your uberTAXI is not just cheaper, it’s better:
      • You get the driver’s photo, vehicle license plate and phone number so you can safely identify and contact your driver.
      • This is a completely cash-free experience. When you arrive at your destination, simply get out of the taxi and go on your way. The fare will be charged through the app to your credit/debit card or PayPal account on file and we’ll email you a detailed receipt.
      • Running late for a meeting? Share your taxi location and ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) with an SMS.
New to Uber? Sign up in less than a minute, enter the promo code UBERATHENS14 and take your first ride on us! (up to €5, valid until 04/01/2015).
So whether it’s going for a stroll in downtown Athens, cheering on your favourite team in the Stadium, or just taking in some sun at Glyfada, Athenians deserve an affordable, easy and fun way to get around their city, and uberTAXI is here to deliver.

As we start off, availability will be limited but we will be working hard to make more cars available whenever you want them and wherever you need them. Take a ride and share your experience with us via Email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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