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SweetTree Case Study: Transportation and Holiday rewards for front line workers

December 7, 2020 / United Kingdom

A Home Care provider, SweetTree Home Care Services, teamed up with Uber for Business to ensure continuity of service during the pandemic, enabling their team of support workers to consistently deliver outstanding care to clients by transporting staff safely around London, all hours of the day. In a year full of uncertainty, the ability to reach the vulnerable out of hours and support those in need enabled support workers to continue operating, no matter what.  

To recognise the amazing team at SweetTree this year, SweetTree will be partnering with Uber for Business again by giving Uber Eats vouchers to all their team members to say thank you for everything they have done. 

About SweetTree

SweetTree Home Care Services was established in 2002, to provide the highest standard of care to people around London in their own homes. SweetTree provides individualised care, with over 450 team members operating in London. The clients they support range from the older population to people with learning disabilities, complex autism, dementia and brain injuries. SweetTree’s care team is the main point of contact for clients in the pandemic, and all team members are highly trained in provision of the highest standard of care. 

Quality care first

When it comes to quality of service, it is very much in the DNA of SweetTree. At first they came across Uber for Business when the team at SweetTree was looking for a safe, convenient and flexible solution for transporting their on-call support workers in the evenings and out of working hours, in order to ensure that they are able to support their clients in their homes at any time.

Uber for Business facilitating continuity

While initially, SweetTree was using Uber for Business for on-call support workers, during the pandemic a new need came up. SweetTree needed to support carers working with vulnerable people in lockdown, providing a safe passage to work, while keeping infection levels under control. 

With the team working in unprecedented circumstances, Uber for Business was a trusted partner SweetTree could turn to. Making sure the solution is convenient both for support workers and managers, using the Uber for Business platform provided the team at SweetTree with reassurance that they can support their staff remotely. Having Uber for Business set up helps provide SweetTree with the peace of mind, as it is a service that can be used out of hours, ensuring that vulnerable patients are looked after, whenever they need help. 

“It is that remote and instant opportunity. Our managers can order an Uber, wherever they are. It is instant, can be easily monitored and our team members get notified immediately. The backup structure Uber for Business provides us with after-hours is a great asset.”

Nicki Bones – SweetTree Home Care Services

Now managers at SweetTree are able to dispatch rides for their support workers, and pay for their transport in advance, ensuring that the team can focus on their work and not worry about out-of-pocket costs or having to find a way home after a long shift.

Hard work rewarded: Holiday surprise

Being an employer of choice has been in the culture of SweetTree since Day 1. SweetTree has been a three-time recipient of the Sunday Times’ Best Company to Work For, showing the consistent focus on putting their team first, and enabling support workers to do their best work. 

As SweetTree continued operating during the UK lockdowns, this year they were looking for a tangible and memorable way to reward the commendable personal dedication and grit their staff have demonstrated.

“If we support our team well, they deliver their best work. It is a cultural equation. Through 2020, being frontline workers, continuing to provide that care is incredible. As a company, we want to recognise what our people have done, using Gift Cards on Uber for business.”

Nicki Bones – SweetTree Home Care Services

With their latest “Have a meal on SweetTree” initiative, the company offers its staff an additional Holiday benefit on top of their traditional Christmas Voucher. Using Uber for Business to let employees order festive meals, SweetTree creates an opportunity to include everyone in a treat, no matter their preferences or dietary requirements. Vouchers and Gift Cards on Uber for Business help SweetTree uphold their cultural company norms this holiday season, and reward their team for their dedication with a thoughtful treat.

“There is a clear synergy between wanting to give back and what Uber for Business is doing. This partnership allows us to work together supporting frontline workers in enabling them to do their job most effectively.”

Nicki Bones – SweetTree Home Care Services