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Business Case Study: Mitigating uncertainties of the new academic year with Uber for Business Vouchers

October 1, 2020 / United Kingdom

The new academic year is upon us, and the future is looking as uncertain as ever. Whether it is coming back to a socially distant campus, or venturing into a brave new world of higher education from abroad – students in the UK have more than a fair share of concerns this year. Add to that the excitement and hurdles of diving into a new culture and finding their way around campuses, meeting new people, and figuring out their academic agenda, and it becomes clear that students need as much support as they can get. 

This is where our client comes in. is the world’s largest student accommodation marketplace. Today, lists over 1.25 million student beds, in 500+ cities and over 135 countries worldwide. Helping students find their home away from home, wherever they choose to study. Providing support for both international, domestic, and student groups – their easy-to-use marketplace takes the guesswork out of finding, and booking, student accommodation. We sat down with Dan Baker, General Manager, EMEA at, to discuss the new collaboration between and Uber for Business. 

“It’s all about the student experience – our customers want convenience, want safety, want something well-known. Thanks to Vouchers on Uber for Business, we can provide the students and their parents with peace of mind.”

Dan Baker, General Manager, EMEA at

Student safety and doing the right thing for their customers are at the core of the company’s ethos. Historically, has provided welcome packages for international students. From airport transfers to bedding and kitchen packs, ensuring students feel at home from their arrival is key for the team. With so much uncertainty for students this year, it was paramount for Dan and his team to find a ground transportation option that helped reduce travel safety concerns in the ‘new normal’ COVID-19 world we now live in. Looking for a convenient, flexible and trustworthy service to provide transport for student new arrivals was a priority. Knowing that many international students would be required to self-isolate, and understanding those few daunting first days and weeks at university for any new student, the option for Uber Eats vouchers enables students to feel safe and secure. 

Using Uber for Business, the team at create vouchers for their customers in one click. Now every student booking accommodation via the platform can receive a voucher for an airport transport with Uber for Business, which can provide students and their families with peace of mind. 

When it comes to user acquisition and marketing, the partnership with Uber for Business has so far brought positive responses. Students see great value in a voucher that they can fully utilise when getting settled into university life. 

What is more, and Uber for Business are now partnering to build a co-branded version of the Uber app, offering students discounts, complementary meals with Uber Eats and other attractive incentives. This way, the relationship between students and will continue throughout the academic year, creating a stronger bond with customers and augmenting their brand. 

As both and Uber for Business have global coverage, the ability to roll out the partnership worldwide has been a strong selling point. With vouchers on Uber for Business, can be sure that their customer base will get a convenient and familiar experience, wherever they have come from.

“Sending a pizza is better than sending an email – with Uber for Business we can show our customers we care about them every at every step of their academic journey, and keep our brand front of mind.”

Dan Baker, General Manager, EMEA at