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Low6 improves virtual entertainment experience with Uber for Business Vouchers

March 29, 2021 / United Kingdom

With the boost in the e-sports industry brought about by the pandemic, gamification platforms are faced with an increase in demand and an urgent need to differentiate themselves from competitors, while providing players with tangible experiences that extend beyond the online gaming environment. To add value to their players, Low6 came up with an innovative, smooth and, most importantly, tasty solution for transitioning online gaming experiences into the real world. Thanks to the collaboration with Uber for Business, Low6 can provide their players with a free Uber Eats Voucher for every entry, ensuring that their users enjoy gaming with a takeaway.

About Low6

Low6 is a U.K. based platform that provides sports teams, leagues, franchises, influencers and media outlets with their own fan engaging sports games. The platform has over 100 thousand active users who watch live sports games and fights, hosted by 27 professional sports clubs and franchises. 

Knowing your audience 

Looking to differentiate from competitors, and give their players a tangible benefit while they play at home, Low6 first analysed their audience’s preferences. The team at Low6 found that their database was made up of 85% of millennials and Gen Z players, learning that highly engaged participants were already using Uber Eats. This made the collaboration with Uber for Business an easy match, with brand affinity and user experience on par with players’ expectations. 

“The landscape for gamification has shifted significantly, with fans set to demand more real value from their partners of choice. Collaborations like this will absolutely outlive the pandemic, as we look to offer our Gen Z and Millennial users an experience that will continue beyond the game and into their daily life.”

Jamie Mitchell, Co-Founder of Low6 and CEO of the USA Operations.

Improving user experience

In its collaboration with Uber for Business, Low6 helps ensure that users can enjoy sports entertainment and play anywhere in the world*, while ordering a meal to enjoy with friends. Low6 is rewarding customer loyalty when they play Low6’s brand new football game, WEEKLY7 where players play for free for the chance to win £1,000,000 – meeting its online players halfway with a food delivery company they already trust. This win-win situation for Low6 customers adds a unique selling point, combining online entertainment, gaming with friends and local food delivery. 

API for the win

As Low6 is looking to expand its gaming footprint across Europe, Australia and the United States, Low6 chose to collaborate with Uber for Business with confidence that their global growth plans are supported by Uber’s robust API infrastructure. The scale of virtual environments is limitless, and relying on a business that can deliver the automation needed for Voucher distribution at scale was key.

“The scale we are looking to operate on requires distribution of up to 50,000 Vouchers on a weekend evening. Achieving this without a significant and well-developed API would not have been possible. The collaboration with Uber for Business has made the API easy to integrate with our technology at Low6.”

Jamie Mitchell, Co-Founder of Low6 and CEO of the USA Operations.

Looking ahead

Thanks to this collaboration, Low6 connected their online and offline experiences into an immersive gaming environment for fans around the world*. By adding Vouchers on Uber for Business, Low6 is set to delight existing players and help acquire new users with a value proposition that Millennial and Gen Z players will enjoy. Supported by Uber’s API offering, Low6 can be certain that their players will get access to new rewards, wherever they are, not only taking advantage of a global virtual environment, but also getting access to hundreds of local restaurants and contactless food deliveries*.

“This collaboration for us is all about Uber and Low6 adding true value to the fans. Our players can enjoy gamification, second screen experience and an Uber Eats voucher with their friends. It’s very much a win-win for our audiences.”

Jamie Mitchell, Co-Founder of Low6 and CEO of the USA Operations.

*Subject to user being in an Uber Eats serviceable area.