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Uber for Business supporting critical supply lines and key workers in the time of need: Freightliner UK case study

July 19, 2020 / London

Uber for Business providing solutions organisations need right now
With challenging times come new opportunities to grow and develop. In the past months, the ways in which companies use Uber for Business to support their employees have transformed beyond recognition. So we are very excited to share our latest client story of Freightliner, a Genesee & Wyoming company.

Our client: about Freightliner
Freightliner Group Limited is a leading provider of intermodal and bulk freight haulage, moving more than 770,000 maritime containers per year. Freightliner Group Limited operates services across the entire UK rail network. Freightliner also operates in Poland and Germany, with G&W’s Rotterdam Rail Feeding (RRF) undertaking shunting and feeder processes in the Netherlands and Belgium. Freightliner is a client of Uber for Business in the UK. 

For Grazyna Sosin, Senior Executive Assistant from Freightliner Group Limited, the crisis meant expanding her responsibilities above and beyond the normal. 

Grazyna works very closely with the CEO of G&W UK/Europe and supports the senior leadership team. However, the earliest effects of the lockdown in the UK became immediately apparent to Grazyna and her team of train drivers across the country. She needed to ensure the freight train drivers had access to safe accommodation and food when hotels across the country were closing. 

Before using Eats on Uber for Business 
Normally, train drivers working for the company would have accommodation arranged for them and were able to order food from the hotel whenever they needed it. 

During the lockdown, train drivers found themselves unable to follow their traditional routines once they reached their train destination and it was in Grazyna’s hands to solve this for the employees. At first, Grazyna tried connecting her personal Eats account to drivers, but ordering food at different times and locations proved to be too cumbersome.

“If drivers were not provided with food and accommodation, the operational side of the business would be badly affected. Uber for Business being there contributed to the smooth continuation of our services during and beyond the crisis.”

Grazyna Sosin, Senior Executive Assistant, Freightliner Group Limited

Eats on Uber for Business to the rescue 
To find a convenient, fast, and scalable solution, Freightliner turned to Uber for Business. Freightliner provides their staff with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, making sure all the drivers are nourished and able to focus on their job. 

Swift setup 
From submitting her request on our website to receiving a call from Uber for Business, the setup was swift. Uber for Business free dashboard provides access to all elements of the portal, helps manage participating employees, distribute policies, create spending caps, and track expenses.

“Introducing Eats on Uber for Business was a big relief, now drivers can order and food for themselves, wherever they are, and the company can pick up the cost of it.”

Grazyna Sosin, Senior Executive Assistant, Freightliner Group Limited

Budgets with benefits 
While before Freightliner employees used to expense their meals alongside their hotel spending, Uber for Business provides more clarity and transparency on budgets. Thanks to Uber for Business, by the end of this year, Grazyna and her colleagues at Freightliner will not only be able to see their employees’ preferences in terms of their favourite restaurants but to accurately predict spending on meals in different locations and seasons.

Supporting key workers 
With the help of Uber for Business, Freightliner was able to continue operating and delivering critical goods to consumers and businesses all over the country. 

300 drivers were added to the program and fed conveniently, wherever the train tracks took them. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and it also turned out that more restaurants were available at frequently cheaper prices than the standard meals provided by the hotels where employees were staying. 

“Given the unprecedented circumstances, Eats on Uber for Business has allowed G&W UK/Europe Region companies to safely continue to operate and to adhere to government guidelines during lockdown. Uber Eats has managed to deliver food to some of our key workers who are continuing to work to deliver essential supplies to people living in the UK.”

Grazyna Sosin, Senior Executive Assistant, Freightliner Group Limited