The best employee appreciation gift: food

February 9 / United Kingdom

2020 has been a tough year for businesses and employees – and it’s never been more important to show appreciation for everyone who’s done their part to get through it.  

The importance in showing appreciation

Whether your team is made up of a dozen or a few thousand, finding a way to show them appreciation beyond their salary (and currently outside the workplace) is crucial, especially at a time like this. And, for many, the best way to do this is with food.

The link between food, employee appreciation and satisfaction is not as tenuous as you might think. It has at least some roots in the early days of investment banking and law firms, who have long used it as a way to reward employees who show dedication by staying at the office after hours. But in 2020, this has shifted from working late at the office, to working late at home – and finding a balance between work and family life in the midst of challenging times.

The key to employee happiness

Until recently, organisations have used the concept of bustling high-end canteens, with fresh fruit, smoothies, bottomless coffees and regular employee appreciation lunches and dinners. All to thank workers and entrench corporate culture! Research has shown that incentivising and keeping employees happy actually works. Employee happiness can increase sales, productivity, and task accuracy significantly. Any questions? Check out this decade-long study by Shawn Anchor that gives some more insight into how a happy workforce increases sales by 37%.

But employee appreciation lunches have changed! They’re no longer about finding a large venue and convincing employees to step away from their desks for a few hours. In a time when a vast number of people are working from home, or only commuting to an office a few times a week, priorities and available options have shifted significantly. 

Corporate catering made easy

It’s still not a great idea to convene large groups at restaurants and with many teams now working remotely, is it even possible to resurrect the concept of an employee appreciation dinner or lunch? The answer is yes – and by giving meal vouchers to your employees, it’s actually easier, and possibly even better, than ever before!

Over the course of the pandemic, many companies have used Uber for Business’s meal vouchers for employees to thank those unable to convene in person. Missing the connections forged during employee lunches? Or struggling to keep conference attendees engaged? Businesses around the world are using Uber Eats to deliver meals to home offices, and keep staff united and conference attendees incentivised. 

And as some of us begin returning to physical office spaces, allocating a budget to food delivery offers a solution to the busy canteen, when eating quality restaurant meals from the safety of a desk is an appealing alternative.

Today’s solution: remote food for your employees

Employee appreciation meals may have changed in 2020, but there’s no reason that businesses can’t still use food as a thoughtful touch to say thank you. Gifting food to employees gives staff the opportunity to pick and choose according to their tastes – and paired with a virtual meeting, it’s a great way to thank your team in these unusual times. 

The benefits from a corporate perspective are also marked – gift cards are easier to budget for, and quick and simple to distribute among staff. Human resources departments no longer have to struggle to find solutions – the seamless integration with corporate Uber for Business accounts solves everything…

Sound like something your employees would appreciate? Or just want to learn more about easy catering for your employees? Get started on giving back to your employees with Uber for Business.