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How Marketing Week used Uber Eats vouchers to boost attendance for its virtual event

September 21 / United Kingdom

Boosting event attendance with vouchers during the marketing event of the year

Since the beginning of the pandemic, organisations around the globe have changed the dynamic of face-to-face meetings, conferences and workshops. During this time, virtual events have become a cost-effective and simple way of bringing people together. However, although the digital experience of webinars and virtual events has become commonplace, the enthusiasm for them has waned.

Increasing event attendance with breakfast vouchers

In October of 2021, Marketing Week’s Festival of Marketing – an event where top speakers from the marketing world come together and talk about all things marketing – took place online. The organisers knew they had to find a way to ease digital event fatigue, boost event attendance and enthuse their attendees.

In order to boost engagement during the virtual event, Marketing Week offered its first 150 attendees the chance to apply and win a £20 breakfast voucher from Uber Eats. Partnering with Uber for Business for this initiative, Marketing Week could surprise and delight its attendees on the morning of the digital event with a breakfast order of their choosing. For Marketing Week, the usage of Uber vouchers and gift cards gave them the opportunity to boost registration numbers and excite and engage attendees of their virtual event.

Marketing Week says, ‘By enhancing the digital experience for our delegates we demonstrated how a great brand like Uber for Business could ensure a more engaged and loyal audience right from the very first content session, through to the end of the event’s busy content agenda. We are really excited to build on this great partnership in 2022.’

With this year’s Festival of Marketing rapidly approaching in October, and with the event taking place in person this year, Marketing Week and similar brands have another unique opportunity to enhance their attendee experience – face-to-face this time.

Using Uber vouchers and gift cards

The strategic use of vouchers and gift cards on Uber for Business gives brands the ability to stay connected with their target audiences throughout the year. With Uber vouchers and gift cards, marketers can:

  • Boost sales: Increase sales by offering an Uber voucher as an incentive, driving people to purchase a product or service.
  • Drive event/webinar attendance: Increase attendance rates to online or in-person events by offering guests a gift voucher for a free Uber ride or meal. 
  • Increase social media engagement: Boost engagement on social channels by gifting vouchers to those who take part in an initiative or competition.
  • Delight clients: Surprise customers with a gift voucher on their birthday, anniversary, or during the holiday season.
  • Build loyalty: Offer gift vouchers to members as part of a new or ongoing loyalty scheme.
  • Generate leads: Gift a voucher to every online sign-up as part of a lead generation campaign.

With Uber vouchers and gift cards, an organisation can remain in control of every marketing decision by determining the number of vouchers to issue, only paying for the vouchers used, and being able to track overall voucher usage by campaign.

Find out more about how Uber for Business can help make your next marketing campaign a success.