Living in Lyon, France, just got a little better. Secret Ubers started roaming the city this morning!

Mickael @ UberLyon

It was about to be a busy day for singer Mickael Miro: a full schedule of interviews lined up to promote his latest album. He checked his smartphone when he woke up and was the first Lyonnais to notice our Secret Ubers pop up in the app.

After 2 clicks and a couple minutes, a chauffeur showed up with a slick S-Class. Uber’s secret *testing* phase had begun, and Mickael could ride in style, adding Uber Lyon Rider Zero to his numerous achievements.

Whether you need a hop to the La Part-Dieu train station for business or have a go with an adventurous Gourmet on the Pentes de la La Croix Rousse, Uber is here to help you get the most out of the world capital of gastronomy!

Lyon Screenshot
Lyon is our 2nd French and 7th European city to see Ubers. We’re still in testing phase, so please be aware that availability might be limited until our official launch. Pretty soon, though, you’ll be able to leave those car keys at home on a Friday night and let us be your designated driver. We’ll be adding more Ubers every day, tweaking and perfecting until we get things just right. Download the app for iPhone or Android, or go to to request a car.
We want to hear from you! If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback, or fun stories to share, reach out via or @UberLyon

Enjoy the rides!