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At Uber, we share many of the same goals as the 600 cities we serve, and are committed to addressing the same challenges: reducing individual car ownership, expanding transportation access and helping governments plan future transportation investments.

Today we are thrilled to announce an innovative partnership with Régie Ligne d’Azur (RLA) in Nice. Together with the metropolis’ public transport operator we will launch a one year pilot to provide RLA subscribers with on-demand transportation services in addition to the existing public transport offer.

Starting today RLA subscribers can request a ride from/to one of the six stops of the L1 tram for €6. This flat fare is available from 8pm – when the last buses departing these tram stations leave – until 2:30am when the trams end for the day.

This new option will enable more than 50,000 eligible RLA subscribers above 18 years-old to easily navigate the first and last mile that separates them from the nearest public transit station.

The “Lignes d’Azur” option will be available on the Uber app for anyone who starts or ends a trip near one of the six designated L1 tram stations*. With this new option people can easily connect to RLA’s transport options seamlessly.

We are proud to partner with Régie Ligne d’Azur on developing a modern transportation alternative that complements existing public transport.

Technology alone is not solution for urban problems — but when done right, and in partnership with others, they have the potential to contribute to better cities. This is just our first step towards working with transport operators in France and a concrete example of the positive role we can play by working closely with cities to address their mobility challenges. We’re excited to move forward with cities and to launch this innovative pilot with Régie Ligne d’Azur in Nice.