The time when you were worried about finding transportation while touring new foreign cities across the globe is now over: your Uber service is now available in 50 cities all over the world… and counting!
We are happy to introduce #ubereverywhere: an overview of our preferred spots in every Uber city.

Following three of the largest cities in the US, we now come to the first international city Uber was available in, Paris. This is actually in Paris that Uber’s CEO had the idea to create this company. It then paved the way for many other international cities.

Welcome to the city of love.

Paris is recognized to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Famous for its architecture, fashion industry, food and good wine, but even if you were a born and raised parisian, you will still uncover jewels and surprises on a regular basis in this city thanks to the tremendous French cultural heritage, the highly creative work environment and the mix of cultures fuelling the city with contrasts and most diverse influences.

By the way, Paris is the only Uber city where you can request a motorcycle! Still doubtful? Check out our Instagram video!

To ensure you make the most out of the city, here is a short selection of just 5 of our preferred spots. Don’t miss out on any of them if you come and visit, even for a short stay!

1- The Eiffel Tower

This 113 years old iron lady is our symbol, our icon, she has a view over the whole city and sparkles beautifully in the night. Three floors, brave people climb all the stairs, while regular people just use the elevator!
You can also have dinner in this monument at the Jules Vernes restaurant. One the best restaurant in Paris (also one of the most expensive). The Eiffel Tower is surrounded by a magnificent park, The Champ de Mars where you can sit, hang out with friends and admire this beautiful landmark.

2- How to become a Parisian in one hour?

It is the name of a one man show performed by Olivier Giraud, only in English, who is joking about Parisians. After the show, you will know every secrets, tips and hilarious facts about us : how to behave in the streets, how to order food in a restaurant, how we dance in clubs… By now, you’ll most likely be wondering where you can watch a preview of this show, just click here!

3- Les fils à maman restaurant

We love this restaurant!
Typical French cuisine. The concept of this place relies on childhood nostalgy: the menu is based on the four owners’ mums recipes. From starters to desserts, every meal tastes the good old French food. If you come on the first Tuesday of each month, you will have the chance to see the four mothers cooking for you in the kitchen.
Don’t forget to book a table because this restaurant is now an institution in Paris.

4- Pont des Arts

It is one of the bridges crossing the Seine River. The Pont Des Arts is famous for outdoor art exhibitions taking place on the bridge but also for being the place for lovers: come along with your significant other and bring with you a padlock on which you write your two initials. Then, you can « lock your love for the eternity » by locking it to the barrier. It is also a wonderful  spot to admire a beautiful sunset while having a romantic picnic.

5- Moulin Rouge

You will most likely have heard of the famous Lady Marmelade!
Show, Dance, Burlesque, Magic and French Cancan are to be expected if you go to this cabaret. While having dinner, you will be mesmerized by great artists performances just a couple of feet away from you. Fun and magic are definitely guaranteed in this wonderful theater.

A bientôt!

Nathanaëlle, Jeremy, Pierre-Dimitri, Toussaint, François, Reynald.


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