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Uber for Business teams up with travel management companies

January 30, 2018 / Global

Announcing alliances with Corporate Travel Management Australia, Direct Travel, Casto Travel, and Vision Travel Solutions.

Uber for Business helps organizations across the globe perfect ground transportation programs, making them more efficient and cost-effective. We realized early on that this isn’t something we can achieve alone, which is why we’ve partnered with expense platforms, duty of care providers, and others.

We’re thrilled to be expanding our ecosystem further by announcing alliances with leading travel management companies Corporate Travel Management Australia, Direct Travel, Casto Travel, and Vision Travel Solutions.

Through these alliances, travel management companies will be able to expertly advise clients on how to incorporate Uber for Business into new and existing travel programs, ensuring every organization can benefit from a world-class ground transportation program. As a part of the collaboration, Uber for Business will benefit from additional insights from the travel management industry, allowing it to further enhance products and solutions tailored to the needs of every business.

“Uber for Business is doing something that has not been possible before–providing safe, convenient, reliable ground transportation in nearly every market across the globe. This partnership gives us an unprecedented opportunity to collaborate with Uber for Business and develop new, smarter ways to meet the needs of our clients,” said John Coffman, CFO of Direct Travel.

“Ground transportation is an important part of every business trip, so it’s a critical area to get right for our clients. Everyone is familiar with the advantages of Uber, so being able to offer the increased value and efficiency of Uber for Business to their travel management portfolio is important to both the company and the traveler,” said Casto Travel CEO Marc Casto.

Travel management companies and agencies interested in partnering with Uber for Business can learn more here.