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Meeting the needs of your teams outside the 9-to-5

October 25, 2022 / France

Employees have always appreciated when their companies go above and beyond, but living through a global pandemic has proven how necessary those extras can be. The line between work and home has blurred, and the paradigm of the traditional working day has changed. 

As everyone adjusts, companies continue to search for ways to meet the needs of their teams, from late-night trips to meals at all hours. Gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all model, especially with benefits and rewards. Below, you can learn how organisations are getting creative when it comes to supporting their key people.

Eating outside the 9-to-5

Many jobs require non-traditional hours, but employees who work on different schedules still need to eat. Uber for Business helps companies like investment firm Citadel to provide a range of meal options to their employees. In addition to in-office lunch, teams at some locations can also order early-morning breakfast. For those who stay late, a dinner option will be rolling out soon.

Online mental health platform BetterHelp gives its people a monthly stipend that they can use to order meals wherever they are. The ability to get food at different times has allowed employees to completely customise their days, from busy parents who need to take care of dinner to late-night workers who want to schedule meals ahead of time. Director of Operations and People Experience Sahar Naim says, “Our founder’s philosophy is to make our lives as efficient as possible and provide perks that map to that objective.”

Go above and beyond for your teams

In addition to offering meal delivery for non-traditional times and places, companies use vouchers or gift cards for Uber Eats to give employees a little something extra. Sponsored meals for delivery are a way to say thank you, provide a morale boost, or just help change the routine. Let your people treat themselves to their favourite early-morning coffee, give the hard-working cook of the family a night off, or just try that new place on the corner.

Marketing agency Terminus does this by including vouchers as part of its employee wellness programme, one that also includes remote work stipends and built-in half-days. The rewards, like meal delivery on Uber Eats, are for employees and their families. This was especially important to the company during the pandemic. “I think having empathy toward what people are dealing with day in and [day] out, whether that’s kids running around or trying to get virtual schooling set up, is important,” says Senior Human Resources Business Partner, Jessica Pachman-Hults. “We’re all just here trying to do our best, and I want to support that.”

Always-on employee transportation

Many companies give their employees transportation benefits beyond average working hours, too. Vouchers or gift cards can be used for rides with Uber, providing a convenient way for employees to get to or from work anytime. This is especially helpful if they don’t have or choose not to use a personal vehicle, are going to an area with limited parking, or need an alternative to public transport.

When charter plane company Private Jets Inc. needed a way to transport pilots and crews from hangars across the US to hotels or their homes, it turned to Uber for Business. Previously, the company relied on hire cars or hotel shuttles, which weren’t always cost-effective or available. “We’re constantly on the go since we work on demand,” says Director of Charter Operations, Candy Lovin. With Uber, crew members switch to their business profile, request a trip, and get where they need to go at all hours.

Continued support, at any time

From late-night workers to employees balancing care provision duties, your people are the backbone of your organisation. Support those who matter most to your success with Uber for Business. The customisable nature and multiple product solutions of Uber for Business allow organisations of all sizes to provide benefits to their employees outside their traditional work schedules.

Learn more about how Uber for Business can be your partner for employee support programmes, no matter what time of day – or night.